Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Lot Scam, Or History Retold?

Nowadays it is very easy to tarnish the image of a person, but it is not easy for everyone to work hard and earn something good in life. People who put false allegations on others are always motivated by enviousness and they are mostly those people who don’t work hard enough in their life. You may have heard about M&M Parking Management at 1710 Lennox Avenue in Miami Beach FL, this Miami-based parking management is owned by Mr. Andrew Mirmelli. His life is the good example of strong dedication and hard work, a Samaritan who always believed in honesty and justice but at the same time also had to face many problems from those who were working hard to defame him and his business.

Couple of days back, while looking up the Internet, I stumbled upon a blog, related to some towing scam at Miami Beach few years ago. The alleged culprit was a guy called Andrew Mirmelli – ‘the scumbag owner of scummy Miami Beach parking lot’, with ‘a scummy past’. That’s how poor Andrew was described.

Apparently, Andrew’s mom Dierdre Mirmelli was also inculpated as the manager of Tremont Towing – the company responsible for giving motorists at The Miami Beach a hard time:

Screenshot from 2017-06-13 16:08:04
Incorrect Details of Ownership of Tremont Towing Company


The post intrigued me further when I learn that this is a notorious mother-son duo, with the latter, even been charged in possession of narcotics a few times in the past.

Yet another American habitual offender! It amuses me how effortlessly they make a mockery of the Law!

My amusement was further followed by some Googling. I got my hands on a few things about Andrew, including this:

Click on image to enlarge
Correct Details of Ownership of Tremont Towing Company. Image source and Proof:


Yeah, once again, the registration details of the under-fire Tremont Towing Company.


Tremont Towing now seems like a proprietary of Manuel E Diaz, and not Mrs. Mirmelli!

Phew!! Whenever I see two different records of the same thing, I begin to wonder about HISTORY!!

Though his business had been affected drastically due to the baseless allegations against him, he did not lose his temper and kept on working for the best of his business.

Even after going through these situations Mr. Andrew Mirmelli hasn’t keep hard feeling against anyone and still works for the betterment of the society and its people!!!!

via a Beloved Stalwart & Friend of Andrew. . . . . . .





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