Parking Scams and Car Towing: An Oppressive Headache

Parking in itself in most of the cities is a huge-huge headache. Sometimes on street, parking is restricted or illegal. Actually, the title that I have written, you may think it’s exaggerating. But as a matter of the fact, it’s actually true. Seasonably, geographically and for parking duration, the parking law changes and so do their scam. There are many problems associated with parking like No standing, No parking, etc. Don’t you think it’s a big trouble?

Beach Parking Solutions
Beach Parking Solutions

Towing from private lots is really the wild-wild west. Municipalities can and do, in some cases, regulate towing from private property under their bylaws. The City of Vancouver, for example, regulates private towing under their Vehicles For Hire bylaw. In my opinion any town that does not have a tow bylaw, is hanging their citizens and visitors out to dry, leaving them at the mercy of a tow company. The vast majority of tow companies have very few fans. We mostly go through one of these so called negative situations and we feel hopeless most of the times but things are different with M&M Parking Management.

Under the guidance of Mr. Andrew Mirmelli, most of the parking in South Miami Beach which is under their company is doing great in the city consisting of the service i.e. really cheap, convenient and easy to park facilities.

Know Your Rights When Your Vehicle is Towed From Private Property!

The early bird gets the parking spot and the next guy gets a ticket … that’s how it works for us unfortunately !!


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