How To Avoid The Affliction Of Parking by Andrew Mirmelli

Beach Parking View
Beach Parking View

Nearly everyone owns a car, but very few of them know about a good parking spot. It is not just about parking your vehicle at a vacant place. Well, during an interaction with Mr. Andrew Mirmelli, owner of M&M Parking Management he shared some important points about the better way of parking, which can be helpful for us.

  • When you are in a new city, it is better to park your vehicle at your hotel. Though it is a bit expensive, but it will give you the privilege of in/out, that means just pay once for one day and you can take your car in and out as many times you need.

  • Park in a public garage or a Parking Lot. There are two options available here, either you can park in a city authority’s parking or you can park in a private parking lot. Some of the private parking are self-park and some are valet parking. Some private parking also offers lower parking rates on weekends and evenings.

  • Parking on the street also known as Parallel Parking is the most convenient way of parking but sometimes you have to pay and it is not the safest.

You should make sure you do not park your vehicle at a NO PARKING zone. Try to park your vehicle in the Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Lot.


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