Phenomenal Solutions for Efficient Car Parking Management by Andrew Mirmelli

There is a huge difference in the supply and demand of available parking space and its providers and hence parking is a major problem especially in metropolitan cities and large towns. Andrew Mirmellithe Owner and Operator of M&M Parking Management, South Miami Beach FL has some parking suggestions which can help you to keep control on the parking problems you face in your day to day life.

Car Parking

It is also necessary for land developers, businesses and government to build more parking facilities as it not only reduces parking problems but also increases revenue.

By establishing minimum parking requirements, the demand for parking can be reduced. Implementing zoning method can also be useful in this context. It has been applied in the Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Management.

Systematically Planned Car Parking Management

By raising the requirements for parking spaces, the demand for parking can be reduced. This method is easy to implement but by providing extra parking spaces it can add costs to developers and public authorities.

You can increase on-street/curbside parking provision also know as Parallel Parking to tackle this problem.In the current tough market, when there are several scam operators, many legitimate parking space providers apply Andrew Mirmelli’s genuine parking management solutions and have reduced parking problems to a great extent.


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